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Rich and Modern Twist on the Art Deco Movement

Maverick furniture collections are a rich and modern twist on the art deco movement and style. Today’s modern and neutral palette in interiors commonly has splashes of colour added in furniture finishes, soft furnishings and décor, which is where Maverick Interiors fits right in.

The Daintree Collection features a high gloss finish throughout with dark bronze detailing and book-matched eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is a wood effect that is finished with high gloss and has a star-shaped pattern starting from a mid-point and working outwards. This pattern replicates geometric patterns and shapes from the Art Deco style, but it is modernised from the movement back in the 1900’s. The Art Deco movement featured rich materials like eucalyptus such as mahogany, rosewood and walnut which were all finished in a veneer and polished giving it the glossy, shiny look. Art Deco furniture also had metallic or ivory inlays adding the luxury and opulent feel to furniture which were pieces of art.

Miro is our second collection with combinations of marble and hammered metal. The glossy black detailing adds bright and flawless elements contrasting the contemporary design. Metallic details draw further attention to the intricate craftsmanship put into each element bringing the sleek design together. The metallic tones running throughout the collection from the veins in the marble down to the effect from the hammered nickel, really gives the collection a classic look.

Hakone is our third collection where the pieces are a work of art in their own right. They have a contemporary twist on the Art Deco style with a modern colour palette that is minimalistic. With the Cubism inspired shapes, brass inlays are flush in the design with luxury faux shagreen leather as the main material. Bronze finishes carefully plated into the furniture gives the wow factor and eye-catching aspect throughout each design. 

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